La Mano del Destino Issue 3

After much delay, our stouthearted hero has returned! In this issue, La Mano del Destino is tested in a manner quite unexpected. Our hero is pushed to both his physical and emotional limit. After training for almost every contingency, La Mano del Destino may be forced to chose between victory and honor. Will La Mano del Destino be forced to become like those he seeks to inflict revenge upon in order to continue his quest? Or is this the end of his journey? Find out in issue 3 of La Mano del Destino!

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Welcome to the new and improved Castle & Key Publications site. I want to first thank everyone who has helped and supported me through the early phases of this endeavor and I am hoping this new site will make it a bit easier to remain fans.   This new site will allow me to make updates more frequently, add content ancillary to La Mano del Destino, showcase other projects that I am involved on various levels with, and (kinda most importantly) it has a store. As some of you may know, my distribution method has been a bit spotty at best thus far. La Mano del Destino was solicited and shipped through Diamond for issue 1 and merely solicited for issue 2 (but never shipped – which led me to have to explore other means of distribution). It did take a while for me to vet all my options and then to …

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LA MANO del DESTINO issue 1

La Mano del Destino is a six-issue story which tells the tale of a once-champion Luchadore – who, after being betrayed, agrees to a Faustian bargain in order to exact revenge upon his betrayers. Mesoamerican myth and high-flying, Lucha Libre action converge to tell this story of vengeance and destiny.

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